Sunday, October 13, 2013

Welcome to Cooksbook

Cooksbook is a web-app for saving, organizing and sharing your personal recipe book online where it's accessible from any kitchen with an Internet connection.

Our journey started when my then twelve-year-old daughter Isabelle started asking me how websites work. While most parent's dream about sharing their passions with their children, for a nerd like me, this definitely made my heart sing. While Isabelle was curious about writing code, I could tell pretty quickly that she was more interested in talking about how the website behaved and how the pages looked and felt. We decided that she would manage the list of features, the priority, and help with the design of the pages and I would write the code. But what would the website do?

It was later that week, when she went to pull a recipe book out of the pantry and an assortment of recipes fell to the floor. The recipes were pages ripped from magazines, written by hand on note cards, and pages printed from the Internet.  "Dad, what about building a way to organize all these recipes?" she asked. With that question Cooksbook was born. We started brainstorming what we wanted the website to do. Isabelle talked a lot about using food photos and we both knew it would be a great idea even if we were the only use the website.

It's now almost 10 months later and we've been working on making Cooksbook easy to use and bug free. We welcome you to record some of your own recipes and share them with friends. Over the coming weeks, we'll continue to add more features that will make managing your personal recipes even easier.  We can't wait to hear your feedback and ideas on how to make the site work better for you.

Happy cooking,
Aaron and Isabelle

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